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Freestyle Manitoba FUNdamentalz


Kids love to play on skis, whether it’s fast, slow, forwards, backwards, over moguls, in the Terrain park - they are naturally Freestyle skiers! The FUNdamentalz Program will focus on fun, safety and skill development; top priorities for the sport of Freestyle Skiing.

This is our pathway for growth and excellence, and the next generation of freestyle stars is taking to the air.

Include fun games and drills introduce skiing, jumping, moguls and terrain parks to entry level Freestyle skiers.

FUNDamentalz developmentally appropriate activities are based on HIGH FIVE™ Principles to support the social, emotional and physical development of children in easy to follow formats.

Clubs that offer FUNdamentalz in Manitoba

  • Winnipeg Freeriders | Springhill Winter Park 

  • Falcon Sports Club | Falcon Ridge Ski Slopes 

  • HMR Rail Riders | Holiday Mountain Resort

  • Aces High | Asessippi Ski Area & Resort

FUNdamentalz Programs

Starting at $295

LENGTH: 8 weeks / 9 weeks with weather contingency

STARTS: Jan 2023
ENDS: March 2024

You must purchase at least a Mandatory Freestyle Canada CLUB Athlete Membership $80 FC fee
1 Parent MUST also have a
Freestyle Canada Volunteer membership ($25)