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Freestyle Manitoba CanFreestyle


Ages: 6+
Focus: Fundamental Freestyle Skiing Skills 

Kids love to play on skis, whether it’s fast, slow, forwards, backwards, over moguls, in the Terrain park - they are naturally Freestyle skiers! The FUNdamentalz Program will focus on fun, safety and skill development; top priorities for the sport of Freestyle Skiing.

This is our pathway for growth and excellence, and the next generation of freestyle stars is taking to the air.

Include fun games and drills introduce skiing, jumping, moguls and terrain parks to entry level Freestyle skiers.

FUNDamentalz developmentally appropriate activities are based on HIGH FIVE™ Principles to support the social, emotional and physical development of children in easy to follow formats.


Can Freestyle Stage: Learn to Train

Ages: 8 +
Focus: Skill Development and introduction to competition

Our development program is designed for skiers who have the passion to build stronger skiing and freestyle skills with an eye on future competition.  A passion to learn new tricks and progression in all disciplines of freestyle are a must.

The Freestylerz program maintains a general skills set, teaching all aspects of freestyle skiing such as moguls, slopestyle, halfpipe (where applicable), and aerials, but with more advanced techniques. This will include qualifying off axis and inverts on tramp, snow and airbag/water-ramp.

CanFree TEAM

Can Freestyle Stage: Train to Train

Ages: 12+
Focus: Refine the Skills to Compete, specialize in 2 disciplines at 14 yrs.

The Can Free TEAM Program will provide tools to build a year-round training programs for athletes to improve their fitness, mental preparation, foundation skills and competitive readiness.
Increased training hours are needed at this stage to develop each athlete’s long-term potential but more importantly, this will give them the fundamentals needed to perform more difficult technical skills safely.

Coaches who are working with Can Free TEAM athletes should have Supercoach trained status and starting their CompDev Coach Training.