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FUNdamentalz - Springhill Winter Park

"Our son absolutely LOVED the FUNdamentalz today!! He talked about it all the way home!! He said he never had "such confidence" in his skiing as he did today ... Please pass the message on to his instructors."
Jen P.

"It is so nice to see a female instructor … someone so qualified! The first class was excellent and our daughter is super excited and talks non-stop about skiing!"
Sheila W.

FUNdamentalz (Formally Jumps & Bumps)
Ages 6 and UP
Focus: FUNdamental Freestyle Skiing Skills

Jumps and Bumps

Kids love to play on skis, whether it’s fast, slow, forwards, backwards, over moguls, in the Terrain park - they are naturally Freestyle skiers! The FUNdamentalz Program will focus on fun, safety and skill development; top priorities for the sport of Freestyle Skiing.

This is our pathway for growth and excellence, and the next generation of freestyle stars is taking to the air.

Include fun games and drills introduce skiing, jumping, moguls and terrain parks to entry level Freestyle skiers.

FUNDamentalz' developmentally appropriate activities are based on HIGH FIVE™ Principles to support the social, emotional and physical development of children in easy to follow formats.

Springhill Winter Park

When: Saturdays
Location: Springhill Winter Park
Time: 2pm to 4pm January 12 to March 2
Cost: $245 incl Lift Tickets, $45 FC fee extra, If skiers already have a season pass, contact the local club.
Email: cs@springhillwinterpark.com



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